Something Sweet: Visual Recipes Detail the Creation of 4 Mouth-Watering, Color-Themed Desserts [VIDEOS]

It will be tough, but try not to drool when you watch these videos. In 2013, French coffee brand Carte Noir uploaded these divine videos that take you through the creation of four delectable desserts. Now the videos are again circling the internet.

Each mouth-watering creation is based on a color. The VERT or green video features a pistachio tiramisu. A mango espumas foam yellows the JAUNE. Little pink pastries are named ROSE and the ROUGE or red video features a chocolate-raspberry millefeuille. The videos are promotional and the desserts all involve some element of coffee.

These visual recipe videos take you from start to finish, from mixing and melting ingredients to adding the final, colorful touches. They allow you to follow along and see each dessert’s creation from scratch, right before you eyes.
So, what color dessert are you in the mood for?

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