Stunning Footage of Previously Unknown Deep-Sea Creatures off the Coast of Puerto Rico

Some of the sea creatures seen here are completely new to us – their species don’t even have names. On a recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expedition, a team of scientists explored the deep-sea off the coast of Puerto Rico and looked into its mysterious world of life.

They recorded and streamed footage of the dives so that scientists on shore could witness and discuss the findings. This unique strategy helped those on the boat identify creatures they did not recognize or, even more exciting, discover new species.

News website Quartz put together this video from NOAA footage and sound recordings, allowing us to venture into uncharted territories with the scientists. In the video, expedition co-leader Andrea Quattrini states:

A lot of animals that we saw were really unfamiliar to a lot of experts back on shore… I’m sure there are many, many new species to be described.

The oceans make up two-thirds of our planet, yet we’ve only explored 5% of them. It’s time to dive deeper!

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