Makeup Crystal Ball: Couple Sees What They Look like at 90 Years Old

What do you think you’ll look like at 50 years old? What about at 70? Or 90? Twentysomethings Tavis and Kristie had the amazing opportunity to peek into their future thanks to some makeup and two video companies, Field Day and Cut, who collaborated on this project.

The soon-to-be-married couple ages a total of 70 years , seeing what they would look like at 50, 70 and 90. At each age, Tavis and Kristie have various reactions that are sometimes humorous, sometimes endearing and always priceless.

In addition, the director asks a few questions at each milestone to which the couple has some touching and insightful answers. For example, Kristie remarks that her parents are excited to see the video, giving them the chance to see their children at these ages. It’s a profound moment because, in all likelihood, their parents will not live to see Tavis and Kristie reach 90.

At 70, Tavis and Kristie get emotional thinking about what the past 50 years would have been like and all the stories they will have. At 90, the two become even more overwhelmed with emotion seeing the person they love at that age and knowing they want to grow old together. At the end of the video, Kristie says:

There’s a strange, comforting feeling seeing him this way. Especially being about to get married and embarking on all that, I couldn’t be more sure that this is what I want.

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