Coca-Cola Reincarnated: Innocative Caps Transform Used Bottles into Something New

Helping the environment is hard when it means giving up products we love. For example, Coke bottles are not the most environmentally friendly, especially when you consider that the world throws away billions upon billions of them each year. So that’s why the Coca-Cola company came up with a solution that allows us to reuse at least a few of those empty bottles. (Of course, the company hopes its solution will encourage us to keep drinking the beloved, bubbly beverage.)

The soda company, in collaboration with award-winning ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China, created the Coca-Cola “2nd Lives” campaign in which 16 red screw-on caps transform used bottles into new and useful implements like spray bottles, paintbrushes, pencil sharpeners, soap dispensers, and lights.

The “2nd Lives” campaign will launch in Vietnam with 40,000 free caps given away to those who purchase Coca-Cola beverages. It will next roll out throughout Asia and then hopefully the world.

Everybody deserves a second chance, why not bottles too?






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