Breaking the Glass Ceiling: China’s Elite Female Bodyguards [VIDEO]

The so-called glass ceiling which prevents women from rising to the top in traditionally male-dominated careers remains firmly in place, in the United States, but also in countries like China.

Of course, step by step, there’s been progress. And, though it may seem surprising, China’s bodyguard academies just may be the next small step toward improving job equality.

Over the last decades, China has burgeoned into the second largest economy in the world and this success has led to increasing demand for personal bodyguards – and female bodyguards are in particularly high demand.

The rising popularity of China’s bodyguard academies just may be the next key step towards improving job equality.

Of course, security has always been seen as the quintessential male responsibility, so why are clients now seeking more female bodyguards? For one, having a female bodyguard keeps enemies off their guard, as the stereotype surrounding bodyguards (male, muscular and fearsome) is still all too common. Two, the female elite find more benefits in hiring a female bodyguard. A female bodyguard is not only apt at physically protecting her, but she is believed to possess better observational skills, efficiency, and personal skills. These are qualities that are becoming more sought after in the security industry.

Want to learn more? Check out VICE’s new video on how China’s elite female bodyguards are defying gender norms on a whole new level.

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