Windy City Nights: a Spectacular Nighttime Timelapse of an Illuminated Chicago

Chicago is known for the wind, the architecture, the stellar education, the Chicago-style pizza. But perhaps it should be known for the beauty of its skyline, especially in the face of darkness.

Chicago-based photographer Max Wilson created this spectacular timelapse of the Windy City at night, with street lights cutting through the dark to illuminate buildings old and new. The video, which captures a diversity of architectural styles and a vibrant range of neon colors, is absolutely stunning.

This video, a sequel to another timelapse of Chicago at night, compresses 18 months of nighttime photography. On the video’s Vimeo page, Wilson writes:

Windy City Nights II is all about my continuing passion for shooting night timelapse photography in a city I truly appreciate for its inspiring views and beauty… After spending hours and days setting up shots and developing them, it’s nice to see a pretty image come to life in the form of a timelapse. It really makes me appreciate this city.

Check out both of Wilson’s stunning videos here!

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