Unusual Pair: Cheetah and Dog Buddies Play a Rowdy Game of Tag [VIDEO]

A seven-month-old cheetah cub named Ruuxa and her puppy companion Raina have been friends all their lives. Today, we get to witness the adorable duo playing a rowdy game of tag at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The two balls of energy frolic and wrestle in the grass, chasing and tackling each other.

Ruxxa and Raina are brought to this part of the Safari Park to have some off-leash fun. Ruxxa also gets the opportunity to reach full running speeds. One of the zoo’s animal training supervisor Janet Rose-Hinostroza describes the video:

The behavior you see is the instinct of a maturing cheetah to chase and rehearse predatory behavior. Due to Ruuxa’s unique relationship with Raina, he doesn’t actually treat her like prey by swiping her legs out from under her. Instead, he is learning how to tackle and wrestle a bit. Raina encourages this behavior and enjoys playing with Ruuxa immensely.

Now that you’ve seen Ruxxa and Raina playing, watch them take a walk together three months ago:

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