A Wild 30-Second Timelapse of the Calbuco Volcano Eruption in Chile [VIDEO]

On April 22, for the first time in 42 years, the Calbuco volcano erupted.

Rodrigo Barrera captured stellar footage of the eruption and created a 30-second timelapse that allows us to really see the power of the volcano as it spews ash and smoke upward from its fiery crater. Despite the destructive power of the volcano, the colors – dizzying shades of orange, yellow, and gray – appear beautiful. The timelapse condenses the 90-minute eruption into 30 seconds.

Barrera also captured other videos of the eruption including one with close-up footage and a couple from the days following the event.

What a coincidence that after more than 40 years of dormancy, this volcano erupts on Earth Day.

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