Surf ‘n Style: Quiksilver Japan Creates Suave Business Suits that Double as Wetsuits for Surfing

Is it a business suit or a wetsuit? Actually, it’s both. Somehow. Surf brand Quiksilver is solving the big dilemma for surfers who want to head straight to the beach and catch some gnarly waves after a hard day’s work (in an office with a formal dress code?). How does one eliminate those wasted minutes spent changing out of your suit and tie and into your surf gear? The answer is True Wetsuits, a new line of stylish business suits that double as wetsuits for the working surfer.

The suits are made out of wetsuit material, 2mm thick neoprene. Each comes with a tie and shirt, both made of quick-drying material. You can buy them in blue, black and tuxedo styles for 300,000 yen or around $2500.

Forget day-to-night outfits – now there’s day-to-surf wear!

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