Timelapse of ‘Boxtrolls’ Movie Reveals the Labor That Goes into Stop-Motion Animation [VIDEO]

In stop-motion animation, it can take hours to capture just a few seconds of film. To make the movement seem natural, filmmakers little by little move objects and characters between each frame. To give you a sense of how much labor goes into one of these films, know that a minute of film can take over 1400 individual photographs, each one the slightest bit different than the last.

Now you can get an even better sense of the grueling process thanks to the animators of Laika’s movie Boxtrolls. This timelapse of the stop-motion process and technique, which runs behind the end-credits, reveals the hard work and labor that go into one short sequence. We can get a glimpse into what’s actually happening behind the scenes to bring these characters to life.

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