Video Games, Desserts, and Music: Blur’s New Music Video is a Sweet, Quirky Delight [VIDEO]

Blur’s”Ong Ong” has restored our faith in the power of the music video. The song itself contains the usual sappy love lines, but it would be unwise to trash this as yet another cookie-cutter, hyper-stylized video.

Hear us out.

“Ong Ong” is about a lemon-shaped protagonist named Player 1, who must set out to save his one true love after she is mysteriously held captive in the the oh-so dangerous world of sugary goodness (Did we mention that she’s a pink-colored lemon? What a rare, beautiful species!). Set in a virtual reality video game, Player 1 must traverse through the sugar-blighted wilderness and fight various enemies that dwell within. He bravely defeats a bee set in the ice cream slums, an obese candy-obsessed boy, a giant cockroach, and the boss of the game, Giant Ice-Cream Man. At last, Player 1 is reunited with his beautiful lemon princess and they live happily ever after.

Weird, right? Yup. And quite endearing.

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