Ariana Grande Faces Apocalyptic Comets (and Claims of Plagiarism) in New Song ‘One Last Time’ [VIDEO]

Fresh from performing the halftime show at the NBA All-Star Game, Ariana Grande has released an apocalyptic video for her song “One Last Time.” In the video, directed by Max Landis, Grande weaves through crowds and navigates chaos and, most importantly, gets in one last kiss as comets strike planet Earth.

But Grande faces more than just comets with this music video: She is being accused of taking the idea from a video released in September by SAFIA, an Australian indie/electronica group.

Not only is Grande’s video similar in the concept (comets destroying the Earth), but it also mirrors SAFIA’s video in other ways. Both open with static and feature a woman leaving her car then running through panicked crowds under ominous purple skies. They both end with one last tragic kiss.

At first, SAFIA was pretty straightforward in accusing Ariana Grande’s label or Max Landis of borrowing the concept and then stealing various parts, most egregiously, the ending. On its Facebook page, the band lashed out on February 16:

Wouldn’t be the first time uncreative talentless fucks from big labels and/or big film firms steal ideas from small independent creatives who are trying really hard to make something different for a change.

The band issued a follow-up the next day:

Things have escalated very quickly regarding the Ariana Grande video situation. Firstly, we want to thank all of our fans and friends for caring enough about our work and pointing the similarities out to us. We love that you are as passionate as we are about originality and creativity. That being said, while we do find an uncanny similarity in certain parts of the two clips, there’s no way of ever proving whether Ariana’s clip was influenced by ‘You Are The One’ and it genuinely may have just been a coincidence.

That said, SAFIA thinks videos put out by major labels too often mirror earlier videos by small bands, a “common occurrence,” SAFIA says.

We feel it’s important to stand up for our work which we spend so much of our lives devoted to, but we’re ready to move on from this. This is not how we want our name to reach the masses, if you hear about us we want it to be because of our music and not because of a ‘scandal.’

Decide for yourself how similar you think these two videos are by watching SAFIA’s video below:

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