Amsterdam Illuminated: A Vibrant Timelapse of the 2014-2015 Amsterdam Light Festival [VIDEO]

During the Amsterdam Light Festival, the city is illuminated by light art installations. This year, the festival lasts from November 27, 2014, to January 18, 2015, and London-based photographer Jack Fisher was invited to the Dutch city to capture the vibrant event in a timelapse video. His video “Amsterdam Light Festival 2014/15” is only about a minute and a half long, but highlights some truly amazing light art.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Fisher writes:

This was the most challenging film I have made to date. I had only 7 days to plan, film and edit this hyperlapse whilst battling wind, rain and everything in between… I was incredibly fortunate to be granted access to so much of the Amsterdam skyline. There are not a huge amount of tall buildings in Amsterdam, so to be able to film from the few that are dotted around the city really allowed me to display the city from some unique vantage points.

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