‘Illusion of Lights’: Epic Timelapses of the Milky Way Above the American West [VIDEO]

“As many as 80% of all the people on earth today have never had the chance to witness a clear view of the Milky Way.” With that powerful statistic, this short video “Illusion of Lights” begins a timelapse journey through the American West at night.

Brad Goldpaint of Goldpaint Photography created this video out of several timelapses of clear, starry night skies, all captured over the past three years.

This video, however, is merely the start. Goldpaint is creating a longer film called Illusion of Lights: A Journey Into the Unseen to be completed in 2017. Goldpaint and his partner Marci Buckner quit their jobs in 2013 and embarked on an RV adventure around the West to create this film.

On Vimeo, Goldpaint does a good job pitching this short video:

Fly over high altitude peaks, soar with the wind, and follow the Milky Way as it dances through the after hours. From beyond the stars to beneath our feet, each time-lapsed sequence gives the viewer a visual narrative that attempts to communicate what the artist experiences each night in the field.

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