75 Hours of Drawing in 2 Minutes: a Stop-Motion Timelapse of Ink and Color [VIDEO]

If artists had speed-drawing as a superpower, it would look a little something like this.

It took artist and illustrator Guillaume Cornet 55 hours to ink and another 15-20 hours to color his large-format illustration, “Parisian Neighbourhood.”

The process is long, arduous, and amazing. And now you can see what all goes into making a 70 x 50 centimeter illustration like this thanks to a stop-motion timelapse created by Society6. Thankfully, the video takes the 75 hours of ink and color and compresses it into just over two minutes.

It’s rather incredible watching Cornet, who uses fine tipped pens, create such a detailed illustration on such large a canvas. And you can see the entire process without spending three days watching it!

Cornet has screen printed ten limited editions of “Parisian Neighbourhood.”

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