‘The Inferiority Complex’: A Literal Complex Built From Different Elements of Self-Esteem [COMIC]

Even those with complete self-confidence have their down days. But whether you feel like you’re on top of the world or want to hide under a rock, it always helps not to take yourself too seriously.

In that spirit, cartoonist Grant Snider of Incidental Comics illustrated “The Inferiority Complex,” a clever comic that re-imagines self-doubt as an actual building constructed from the myriad aspects of low self-esteem. For instance, your “overcompensating facade” may appear beautiful to the outside world, but have no more depth than the scenery in a play. For those low days, you can take a dip in the “pool of doubt” or resign yourself to long days at the “chemical factory.” Even if you’re feeling accomplished, you may not realize the “pillars of achievement” are about to fall like dominoes.

We all have ups and downs in terms of our self-esteem. But that doesn’t mean we lose our senses of humor.


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