Tech Companies Are Changing the Work World as Netflix Announces Generous Paid Parental Leave

Want paid parental leave? You should work for a tech company.

Microsoft recently increased its paid leave to 20 weeks for mothers and 12 weeks for fathers. Even more impressive is Netflix, which announced recently that it will provide up to a year of paid parental leave for any employee. Though companies in other developed countries routinely offer paid parental leave like this, it’s remarkable for a US company. It’s also noteworthy because the one-year paid leave includes fathers along with mothers.

To visualize Microsoft and Netflix’s progressive approach, visual communication and design agency Column Five created a simple graphic. It emphasizes how these two tech companies are generously compensating their employees compared to the legal minimum of zero weeks.

Over the years, tech companies have made groundbreaking changes in terms of work-life balance. So far only Microsoft and Netflix have offered the generous parental leave benefits described here, but other tech companies are sure to follow.


Source: Column Five

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