Eat Food and Save the World at the Same Time: Swedish Company Designs Sustainable Food Packaging

A lot of food packaging is wasteful and inefficient, but thankfully Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish-based package design firm, is making changes in all the right ways. Known for its aesthetically pleasing, innovative and environmentally sustainable package designs, Tomorrow Machine understands that sustainability doesn’t always come at the cost of aesthetics. Now you can eat your cake and enjoy it too.

Who knew food packaging could be worth gushing over. Check it out.

Self-Opening Package

These are quite possibly the most adorable boxes we’ve ever seen, but don’t be fooled by the cute, colorful packaging. Using biomimicry, these boxes are able to self-open at a certain temperature. Never again do you need to wrestle with food containers! Additionally, the material is 100% biobased and biodegradable, so you can feel good about eating your food in Tomorrow Machine’s packaging.
Self-1 Active-and-Intelligent-packaging-Tomorrow-Machine_medium_vga

Sustainable Expanding Bowl

Using mechano-active material, Tomorrow Machine has created nifty bowls that can self-expand upon contact with hot water. When hot water is poured into the opening, the mechano-active material reacts with the water, causing the compressed package to expand. Plus, the bowls are made of 100% biobased and biodegradable material. Pretty cool, right?



This Too Shall Pass – Series

With most food packaging, the Styrofoam, plastic wrap, plastic, etc. take much longer to decompose than the food itself. This becomes an even bigger problem when the food has a short shelf life, leading to more packaging waste. The solution to this problem: Time Machine, a series of food packages with the same lifespan as the food that comes in them. There’s no magic involved – just a bit of food science and a lot of creativity.

Oil Package

The first in the series.

Made of caramelized sugar and coated with wax, this package melts when cracked open. When open, the wax no longer protects the sugar coating, causing it to dissolve when in contact with water. Ideal for oil-based foods.


Smoothie Package

Made of only agar-agar seaweed and water, this package withers away as you prick the top and drink the contents, making it Ideal for fresh juices, smoothies, and cream.


Rice Package

Made of biodegradeable beeswax, this package can be peeled like a fruit. Ideal for dry goods such as rice and grains.



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