Stunning Surrealism: Interview with Experimental Photographer Richard Smith

Richard Smith, a professional photographer and fellow Dashburst member, is more than just an artist – he is a lover of the unexpected beauty of things. By creating surrealist juxtapositions and extending the limits of visual reality, Smith aims to create a “wow” factor for his audience.

For Smith, however, creating art is more than wowing his fans. At the heart of his work, Smith seeks to experience meaning through the surprising connections between nature, everyday objects, the built environment, and more. And, through his photos and photomontages, he hopes that others find meaning, too.

I want people who see my work to understand that beauty is everywhere and that we should take time to notice it. Art surrounds us, whether in architecture, words, music, or just in nature. And having an appreciation for that can make life more meaningful.

Ever since Smith was little, art and design were his passions.

I’ve always loved art, and I remember getting a thrill from when my mom would post my drawings on the refrigerator.



If you’re anything like me, you occasionally come up against a creative block. Smith is no different.

Pushing myself to keep going when inspiration might not be so high can be a challenge. Some days, it’s like the ideas flow from my fingers without my even thinking about it. Other days, I have to make myself go out and get them. And it’s usually worth the effort.

And, as you can see, below, on his website, and on his DashBurst profile, the results speak for themselves.




Richard Smith
Thank you so much for featuring my art, Grace & Dashburst!
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