More Than Man’s Best Friend: Photographs of the Hardest Working Dogs Out There

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but many are also hard-working. But the world’s working dogs don’t always get the same attention as their cuddly, house-pet relatives. To help close that gap, photographer Andrew Fladeboe captures pictures of herding and hunting dogs, guide and rescue dogs to bring knowledge and awareness of their hard work to the public.

His series called “The Shepherd’s Realm” features all kinds of working dogs in New Zealand and Norway. In an interview with National Geographic online, Fladeboe writes:

Since that first gray wolf walked up to the campfire and made a pact with humanity 30,000-plus years ago, they have been working by our side in a number of roles. The very fact that two hunting species who competed for the same prey were able to team up together is quite unlikely and uncanny.

He continues:

We have evolved together. The dogs developing to fit the wide range of roles we asked of them, while we evolved into agricultural and industrial societies. Working dogs are still in widespread use today, and in fact the number of jobs they can perform grows every year.

Fladeboe explains that photographing these working dogs has taught him one lesson in particular: no matter the culture or place, dogs are more important to us than we could have imagined. He sees dogs as a “gift to humanity, a species sagacious and noble, willing to do whatever we ask of them and only asking for some food and a pat on the head in return.”

Here are our favorite photos from the “The Shepherd’s Realm” series. You can see more on Fladeboe’s Facebook page and at the series’s page on his website:
Dutch Bulls







English Setter2

Grey Norwegian Elkhound


Rough Coated Collie

English Setter

Rough Coated Collie2

English Setter3

English Setters



Border Collie


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