The New Holiday Wear: Ugly Christmas Sweaters Turned into Festive Men’s Suits

‘Tis the season to be…stylish? While it’s questionable whether you can call these suits “fashionable,” they are, no doubt, in season. Eccentric clothing company Shinesty created a line of men’s suits inspired by our favorite holiday wear: ugly Christmas sweaters.

On the suits’ page, Shinesty writes:

Do you remember all those Christmas parties you went to last year, dressed in your mom’s baggy vintage ’88 Christmas sweater, complete with shoulder pads, shedding small trinkets from holidays past with each step you took? Do you remember going home to your sad, cold bed a little tipsy and utterly alone? Thought so. But what is there to do? You don’t want to be the stiff who shows up dressed all ‘normal and boring’ to a holiday party. Well luckily for you, daddy (that’s us) went up North and got some of Ole man Nick’s hobbit friends to whip up something a bit more… dapper. You’re welcome. And no we don’t want milk and cookies, just give us a wink the next morning.

Unfortunately for us – although, fortunately for Shinesty – the suits went viral and sold out. But perhaps there will be a new kind of Christmas miracle, one which will restock the suits.







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