The World’s Trash Washes Up on the Shores of Mexico and Becomes… Art? [PHOTOS]

Most people don’t look at trash that washes up on the beach and see the makings of art. But Alejandro Durán, an artist, photographer and videographer living in Brooklyn, NY, is different. He visited the tropical nature reserve Sian Ka’an, located on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, picked up trash, and arranged it by color into a series of works called “Washed Up Project.”

The art illuminates and examines the clash between nature and modern civilization or, more specifically, the consequences of overpopulation and overdevelopment. Interestingly, Durán found and incorporated garbage that made its way to Mexico from 50 other nations and six continents, reflecting how consumerism has taken over both the man-made and natural worlds.

Duran work was shown at the Habana Outpost in Brooklyn on April 22 and will be exhibited at the Xo Ki’in Retreat Center in Sian Ka’an on May 11.

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