#StarWarsEmojis: Twitter Gives You One More Way To Show Love for ‘Star Wars’

Surprisingly, Apple has not yet incorporated Star Wars-themed emojis into their phones. Luckily, Twitter has come to the rescue.

Last week, Twitter announced on its blog the release of three emojis to celebrate and to create even more hype for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. The emojis, for exclusive use on Twitter, will include iconic, legacy characters as well as new characters from this installment of the epic space series.

The first three emojis released were C3PO, a stormtrooper, and BB8 and can only be activated by using hashtags related to them, like #c3po, #stormtrooper and #bb8.

Any of the #StarWarsEmojis will show up on Twitter if you use a hashtag with keywords associated with specific Star Wars characters and legacy themes. After you Tweet with the hashtag, a small emoji will appear automatically at the end of your post.

What are you waiting for? Go express your love for Star Wars on Twitter now!

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