#Sadvertising: What Brands Would Look like if Their Logos Weren’t Always Happy

One of the most important parts of building a brand is creating positive associations around the name, logo and slogan. That’s why brands always seem so uplifting and empowering. But what would some of the world’s most famous companies look like if they weren’t so happy?

Graphic designer and illustrator Adam J. Kurtz created a humorous series called “Sadvertising” that depicts several brands in a less positive way. For starters, Nike’s “Just Do It” turns into “Just Do Not” and rum company Bacardi turns into “Bacardon’t.”

In an interview with Adweek, Kurtz explains the motivation behind his illustrations:

Brands are constantly masquerading as friends on our personal feeds, on Twitter and Instagram, with bright and shiny photos and copy. But let’s be honest, our feeds aren’t all happy. People are always complaining, putting negative energy out.

Kurtz started with the Nike logo and then decided to takes requests via Twitter. He uploads his illustrations to the social media website for everybody’s enjoyment. He says:

I thought it would be funny to throw some sad brands into the mix. After all, honesty is about a full range of emotion.


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