‘The Ramen Poster’: Wall Art for Noodle Lovers Featuring 25 Ramen Recipes from around Japan

When you hear the word ramen, your minds might conjure fond memories of eating countless noodle cups in college. It wasn’t for the taste necessarily, but because ramen was cheap.

But gourmet is a word that can describe ramen in Japan, where the popular noodle soup can come in countless styles. You start with Chinese-style wheat noodles. The broth can be either meat- or fish-based, flavored with soy sauce or miso. And then comes the toppings.

Designer Fanny Cheuk Chu loves ramen so much that she created The Ramen Poster, a playful print that features 25 different ramen recipes from different Japanese cities.

The prints are both artistic and informative, as Chu explains on her Kickstarter for the posters:

What makes a bowl of ramen delicious-looking is the beautiful presentation of the bowl, broth, noodle, and toppings that are carefully made and arranged by the chef. This is how I wanted this project to be presented: a poster full of tasty ramen that I wanted to take a bite right away!

Chu continues:

The Ramen Poster also has its educational part. Different parts of Japan have their own proud recipes [that] I wanted to show on this poster too.

With 10 days to go, Chu has already surpassed her funding goal and can now share her love of ramen – and its diverse recipes – with the world!





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