‘Pizza in the Wild’: a Humorous Photo Series that Documents Pizza in Its Natural Habitat

There are people who photograph wild animals in their natural habitats, and then there’s Jonpaul Douglass. The Los Angeles photographer created this humorous series called “Pizza in the Wild,” documenting the “natural” behavior of pizza.

For each shoot, Douglass orders two fresh, uncut $5 pepperoni pizzas from Little Caesars and uses them to create imaginary scenes of pizza going about life. Sometimes Douglass keeps the pizzas soft, draping them over ledges or curbs, and sometimes he lets the pizza harden so he can easily stand them up or lean them against something.

When discussing the series, Douglass tells Bored Panda:

I never really imagined creating this many pizza photos, but once it got moving I just had to make more. I don’t like making pointed statements on what these photos mean. I think just like me people enjoy simply looking at them and maybe getting a chuckle or two.


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