Photographer Turns Rainy Days Into Colorful Puddles to Reflect on #Puddlegram

Have you ever visited Copenhagen in Denmark before? It’s a gorgeous city, rain or shine, as reflected through the city’s many colorful puddles captured by Danish photographer Morten Nordstrøm. The twenty-something Morten studies business administration and communications and can often be seen snapping urban Copenhagen on his Nokia Lumia 925.

Nordstrøm offers these tips for capturing a #puddlegram for Instagram:

First of all, when shooting puddlegrams you will obviously need a puddle. The bigger the better, but you will be surprised how little water you need to make a big impact.

I often think a lot about my perspective before I shoot. Other times I just walk around and look for details and shoot what I find interesting and inspiring.”

Check out these beautiful reflections below, even if they make you forget which way is up!

Continuing on about his technique for capturing urban puddlegrams, Nordstrøm said:

My experience is that I get the best effect when I look for a strong central focal point and try to get some depth in the perspective, maybe even a vanishing point. That’s one of the reasons why the majority of my puddlegrams are shot on streets; they often meet these requirements. Moreover they are often full of life, which gives life to the picture and helps to tell a story.”

How to capture the perfect puddlegram, according to Nordstrøm:

If you want to do a proper #puddlegram, make sure your lens is as close to the ground as possible—even if it means you have to turn your device upside-down. It’s a little effort and it makes a huge difference. Moreover, mind the weather. Windy puddles won’t serve you well.”

Nordstrøm also has a few tips on how to stay inconspicuous:

Note that people will be looking when you sit down and place your phone in a puddle. But remember, that is only because they don’t know about the magical perspectives you’re capturing. I sometimes pretend to tie my shoe laces, until the largest group of people has passed.”

Lastly, Nordstrøm explained his editing process after a shoot:

This is where the magic happens. After extensive exploration of Windows Phone options, I ended up always using the same two apps: the Nokia Creative Studio and an app called Fhotoroom. They are very different but complement each other well. I like to keep things simple and often aim for a high sharpness, cold tones and not too strong colors, since I find them disturbing. Finally, I pay a lot of attention in the cropping process. A good crop can change a picture entirely—and so can a bad one.”

Photos by mortenordstrom on Instagram

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