An Incredible Photo-Journey of One Photographer’s Development from 2007 to 2014

There’s no greater satisfaction that improving and excelling in your field. Polish landscape and travel photographer Jakub Polomski has shared with us a remarkable photo-journey that showcases his artistic growth from 2007 to 2014. This series includes pictures taken over seven years in Europe and South America, from Switzerland and France to Argentina and Chile. Polomski turned to photography as a career only in 2007 when he began receiving recognition for his skills and the beauty of his work.

Polomski tells Bored Panda:

I graduated from school and I didn’t have any idea what to do in my life. I saw some pictures on National Geographic magazine that inspired me to get involved in photography. I borrowed a camera from a friend and began photographing landscapes around my hometown Cieszyn. I was reading about photography and learning everything by myself… I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could do better… I started building my portfolio. I became popular on Behance.

polomksi2-2007 Slovakia

polomski3-2008 Slovakia

polomski4-2008 Switzerland

polomski5-2008 Austria

polomski6-2008 Switzerland

polomski7-2008 Switzerland

polomski8-2009 Austria

polomski9-2009 Austria

polomski10-2009 Austria

polomski11-2011 Italy

polomski12-2011 Austria

polomski13-2011 Italy

polomski14-2011 Argentina

polomski15-2011 Argentina

polomski16-2011 Argentina

polomski17-2012 Slovakia

polomski18-2012 France

polomski19-2012 France

polomski20-2012 France

polomski21-2012 Switzerland

polomski22-2012 Switzerland

polomski23-2013 Norway

polomski24-2013 Norway

polomski25-2013 Norway

polomski26-2013 Slovakia

polomski27-2013 Czech Republic

polomski28-2014 Argentina

polomski29-2014 Argentina

polomski30-2014 Chile

polomski31-2014 Chile

polomski32-2014 Chile

polomski33-2014 Chile

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