An Interview with Photographer Péter Földiak on Capturing the Natural Beauty of Norway

When the world around you is so inspirational, do you merely sit back and enjoy or do you experience it wholeheartedly? Photographer and DashBurst user Péter Földiak does the latter. Based in Norway, the landscape and nature photographer takes advantage of what the country has to offer, capturing absolutely stunning images of the natural world around him.

All his life, Földiak has loved photography. But it wasn’t until 2011, when he moved to Norway, that he began to seriously explore this love. The country’s beautiful scenery inspired him to dive deeper into photography and hone his skills. In 2013, Földiak bought his first DSLR camera and never looked back. In an email, Földiak describes his journey into photography:

I spent all my free time learning about how to use the camera, how to take better pictures and compositions, everything that I had no idea about before. It really opened a new world to me. Photography became a real passion and I tried to travel more and more to see the amazing nature out there.


Peter Földiak - Filejell, Norway 2
Földiak credits Norway and its awe-inspiring beauty as the place that sparked his photography career. And the country’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes, like those of Filejell, Norway in the picture above, continue to inspire him. In the last 3 years, Földiak has been everywhere in Norway, from the most southern part to the North Cape (Nordkapp). He elaborates on the abundant opportunities to capture the breathtaking scenery of Norway:

On my first trip to Western Norway, I totally fell in love with the landscape. Breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and rivers, everywhere…And on my second winter here, I traveled up to Northern Norway to see the magic aurora borealis. The feeling when you are standing out in the middle of winter in -20 degrees celsius, between the mountains and the northern lights dancing over your head, is indescribable. No doubt, this country is a landscape photographer paradise.


Peter Földiak - peaceful morning in Spain
Although Norway is his current residence and the birthplace of his photographer career, Földiak is originally from Hungary and lived in Spain for a long while. He often travels back to these places to capture photographs of his prior homes and the fond memories he has from these countries, like the picture above of a sunrise in Spain.

Peter Földiak - Summer in Loen

Földiak’s career has taken off since he began honing his skills. He was recently featured in National Geographic Viajes, the Spanish edition of NatGeo Traveler magazine. The featured photo (above) was captured in Loen on a trip to Western Norway. Földiak tells the story behind the magnificent picture:

I drove to Kjenndalen glacier because I wanted to capture the sunset. After a few hours, I was disappointed that the weather was not cooperating with me and decided to head home. A few minutes into driving, I spotted some beautiful cabins next to the road and had to stop. I was dead tired, but those small wood houses looked so magical. I decided to wait for the sunrise, since it was only a few hours until it started to get brighter at around 3am in the summertime in that part of Norway. This time I had more luck as the clouds and the mist started to clear out, allowing me to capture the view of those beautiful mountains. I will never forget that morning. It was truly amazing to sit there alone in nature, watching the sunrise.


You can see more of Földiak’s spectacular photos on DashBurst or on his 500px page, as well as several that we’ve featured here:

Peter Földiak - Fjord Eruption
Aurlandsfjord in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Peter Földiak - Oslo style
Oslo, Norway
Peter Földiak - Heaven on Earth
Naeroyfjord, Norway
Peter Földiak - Green Blanket
Byabreen glacier, Fjrland, Norway
Peter Földiak - Winter by the Lake
Ringerike, Norway.
Peter Földiak - Bee
Peter Földiak - Filejell, Norway
Filejell, Norway
Peter Földiak - Angler
Calblanque, Spain
Peter Földiak - Esztergom Basilica
Esztergom Basilica, Hungary
Peter Földiak - A Cloudy Day
Ringerike, Norway
Peter Földiak - Take me to the storm
Santiago de la Ribera, Spain
Peter Földiak - Endless Green
Aurlandsfjord, Norway
Peter Földiak - Byabreen glacier, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway
Byabreen glacier, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway
Peter Foldiak - Troll's Path, Norway
Troll’s Path, Norway
Peter Foldiak - Stegastein viewpoint sunset
Stegastein viewpoint, Nryfjord, Norway
Peter Földiak - Briksdal glacier, Norway
Briksdal glacier, Norway

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