An Interview with Opel Mendoza, Photo Manipulation Extraordinaire


Meet Opel Mendoza, a photographer and fellow DashBurst user who specializes in the art of photo manipulation. Hailing from the Philippines, he is part product designer and part graphic artist. In his free time, he loves to create photo manipulations, and his passion clearly shows through in his finished works. In each of Opel’s photo manipulations, there is a certain dreamlike and nostalic quality. Perhaps even, we as the viewers are taking a glimpse at the artist’s whimsical thoughts. Through photo manipulation, Opel makes our wildest imaginations come true.

I first decided that I wanted to concentrate on creating photo manipulations through other artists who also created photo manipulations. By expressing myself through my work, I was able to turn my passion into a regular hobby.

boy in lighting

Opel explains both his challenge and excitement as a photographer:

 The hardest part is collecting photos according to the concept that I like to express, including photo editing. On the flip side, the most exciting part is that I get to choose photos based on the concept.

boy in light

In the future, Opel hopes to own a design studio and an art gallery. He lives to inspire others!

camera manipulation
think green
bird's eye view
looking glass

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