9 Squares: a Collaborative Project Where 9 Designers Create GIFs Using 4 Colors in 3 Seconds

Nine designers from around the world came together to create motion-graphic quilts from nine square GIFs and four colors. The animation could run for three seconds. In the collaborative project, aptly named “9 Squares,” each designer is given a 350-pixel square and the assigned colors. After that, the artists are free to follow their own muses in creating animations. The project is organized by Skip Dolphin Hursh, David Stanfield, and Al Boardman who hope to post a new GIF quilt every two weeks.
Top: David Stanfield, Allen Laseter, Jimmy Simpson
Middle: Skip Hursh, Al Boardman, Jeff Briant
Bottom: Marcus Chaloner, Erik Blad, Fede Cook

Top: Sylvia Yang, James Curran, Al Boardman
Middle: Linn Fritz, Jerry Liu, Caitlin Cadieux
Bottom: Julian Glander, Michael Jones, Andrew Embury

Top: Skip Hursh, Damien Correll, Cindy Suen
Middle: Justin Cassano, David Stanfield, Joshua Hollars
Bottom: Al Boardman, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada, Estelle Caswell

Top: Sara Bennett, Bran Dougherty-Johnson, Brandon Wall
Middle: Zac Dixon, Oliver Sin, David Stanfield
Bottom: Al Boardman, Skip Hursh, Jeroen Krielaars

Top: David Stanfield, Al Boardman, Brent Clouse
Middle: Skip Hursh, Erica Gorochow, John Flores
Bottom: Austin Saylor, Adam Plouff, Bran Dougherty-Johnson

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