A 29-Year-Old Photographer’s Astounding Series of Mountain Landscapes [PHOTOS]

Karol Nienertowicz, a 29-year-old Polish photographer, travels the world capturing sensational, and arguably timeless, photographs of mountains. Born in a small town of Jelenia Góra in southwestern Poland, Nienertowicz can still pinpoint his first trip to the mountains in 2003, a trip which continues to inspire his photography today.

Through these mountain landscapes, Nienertowicz combines his two passions—photography and travel—in a breathtaking way. The adventurous photographer goes to great lengths to capture the images seen here, including hiking thousands of miles, camping in cold weather and strong winds, and braving trails that only the die-hard traverse. He tells Bored Panda:

I spend several dozens of days per year hiking in mountains, during which I overcome up to 1,000 miles of trails. I’ve visited and photographed more than 20 European countries. I’ve photographed the Polish, Slovakian, Romanian and Ukrainian Carpathians, the Alps in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Germany and Slovenia, the mountains of Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia and Scottish Grampian.

Nevertheless, my greatest passion are photographic expeditions to the highest European mountains – the Alps. During these wild trips I sleep in a tent that I always set in places with outstanding scenery, often remote and difficult to reach, where I can take pictures of sunrises and sunsets. I tend to avoid crowded places and popular routes. I’m not afraid to take risk by going with a camera on climbing routes like via ferrata and spending nights in a tent on a glacier at an altitude of 4,000 m above sea level, even during the cold weather and strong winds.

Karol-Nienartowicz-Aiguilles d’Arves 2


Karol-Nienartowicz-Aiguilles d’Arves

Karol-Nienartowicz-before sunrise

Karol-Nienartowicz-Bivouac at Bouquetins, Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-Blejsko lake, Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-Bridge, Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-Eagle Path, Tatra Mountains 1

Karol-Nienartowicz-Eagle Path, Tatra Mountains 2

Karol-Nienartowicz-Eagle Path, Tatra Mountains 3


Karol-Nienartowicz-Frozen Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-frozen chapel 2

Karol-Nienartowicz-frozen chapel

Karol-Nienartowicz-Julian Alps 1

Karol-Nienartowicz-Julian Alps 2

Karol-Nienartowicz-Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-Karkonosze Mountains 1

Karol-Nienartowicz-Karkonosze Mountains 2

Karol-Nienartowicz-Karkonosze Mountains 3

Karol-Nienartowicz-Lyskamm Ridge, Alps

Karol-Nienartowicz-Matterhorn 1

Karol-Nienartowicz-Matterhorn 2

Karol-Nienartowicz-Matterhorn 3

Karol-Nienartowicz-Mont Blanc

Karol-Nienartowicz-mountain pass

Karol-Nienartowicz-Pancava waterfall and Karkonosze Mountains


Karol-Nienartowicz-red sunrise


Karol-Nienartowicz-Snow cirques



Karol-Nienartowicz-sun rays


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