New Zealand in 3 Months: 36 Wanderlust Photos Taken by a World Traveler

If you’ve been itching to travel, these spectacular photos might be just the thing to get you moving. And when you hear how photographer, web designer, and blogger Johan Lolos supports his travels, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Sixteen months ago the Belgium-born Lolos journeyed to Australia. After a year there, he headed to New Zealand for a three-month road trip. With three other friends, Lolos traveled in a camper van, spending little money while experiencing big things. In total, he spent $1,200 for three months of adventure around the beautiful island country.

To help finance his trip, Lolos uses his photography skills and social media. With 70,000 Instagram followers, Lolos is able to promote different tourism boards and organizations in exchange for free services.

While Lolos benefits from his Instagram and other social media accounts, it’s his followers who truly gain from his awe-inspiring and wanderlust photos.

Here are 36 of his best photos and see his Instagram for the rest!

Do you know the Kea, the world's only alpine parrot? #Teamvl #TeamTravelers

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