‘Heaven on Earth’: Mirror Installations That Bring the Sky to the Ground

The phrase “heaven on earth” just acquired new meaning. Iranian artist Shirin Abedinirad recently created two installations that use the ground, the sky and cleverly placed mirrors.

In 2013, Abedinirad completed “Evocation,” for which she placed mirrors on several sand dunes in the Iranian desert. In “Evocation,” the mirrors look like water reflecting the sky, the blue color sharply juxtaposing with the vast dry desert surrounding it.

On her website, Abedinirad explains “Evocation”:

[The] land art installation is set in central desert of Iran. It’s representing the relationship between the human mind and the fundamental elements in nature, such as wind and sand, among others. I used mirrors as a symbol of water.

In 2014, Abedinirad took on a totally different setting for her installation, “Heaven on Earth.” This time, the artist placed mirrors on stairs in Treviso, Italy. The staircase makes you feel like you’re ascending into the sky itself. And that seems to be exactly what Abedinirad intended. On the “Heaven on Earth” Tumblr post, Abedinirad says:

I dreamed about walking in the sky.

Images of both installations can be seen on her website or on her Tumblr.






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