Minimalistic Playing Cards Remake Games like Solitaire, Hearts, and Poker

What would you do if you looked down at a set of playing cards and didn’t see the iconic faces of the king, queen and jack? Design firm Joe Doucet designed MINIM, a stylish set of minimalist playing cards featuring geometric shapes to represent the suits and easy-to-read lettering. Their sleek, simplistic design really changes the feel of familiar card games like solitaire and poker – with the Minim deck, these and other games don’t feel familiar at all.

The MINIM page on the Joe Doucet website describes the deck as:

regulation playing cards that considers how much ‘design’ you can take away while still maintaining a playable deck. Simple geometric symbols are reductive versions of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. While it is necessary to mark the backs of regulation cards, we’ve done so with minimal diagonal lines instead of the typical ornamental graphics.

The cards come in black and white and are available for purchase at Areaware and Izola.

Grab your set and start revolutionizing card games everywhere!




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