New Year’s Eve Brazil-Style: Up Close to the Fireworks Action in Rio [PHOTO]

What an incredible way to ring in the New Year. Photographer Mario Tama captured this unbelievable shot of a man in Copacabana, Rio, courageously paddle-boarding amid exploding fireworks. Explosions and smoke fill the sky, illuminating the man, while in front of him, you can see more fireworks launching off barges. According to Tama, “As opposed to most venues around the world, Rio’s celebration is an interactive experience; one can wade into the water and mingle in the ocean, as the fireworks explode overhead.”

Each firework creates a unique shape and pattern for just a split-second, truly making this image a once in a lifetime shot. On the photo’s page, Tama writes:

While most of the purported 2 million revelers stay on land, a brave few decide to take the plunge and meld with the Atlantic, where barges are annually positioned to launch the illuminations.

That said I was rather shocked to suddenly see this guy paddling through my frame, far off in the distance. I didn’t think much of the image at the time, I thought he was probably too small in the frame and perhaps he wouldn’t be visible. Only after opening the image in Photoshop did I feel like I had something strong.

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