Christmas Day in London: Photographs of the City’s Empty Streets

While the holidays are full of hustle and bustle, Christmas day is quite the opposite. The empty streets are still, populated by silent skyscrapers and frozen Ferris wheels. The busy avenues are empty. The only creatures moving are squirrels and birds. Photographer Metin Sönmez wandered the streets of London on Christmas Day, documenting the tranquility of the vacant city after the holiday chaos.

Millennium Bridge & St Paul’s Cathedral

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus Tube Station

Regent Street

China Town, Soho

Carnaby Street

King’s Road

Putney High Street

The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

Oxford Street

Trafalgar Square

Southbank Skatepark

Putney Bridge

Palace of Westminster

Upper Thames Street Tunnel

Pete Stean
Some of the streets in these photographs aren't empty - just saying...
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