Your Home Port: Photographer James Meyer on Capturing Astounding Moments in Port Washington, Wisconsin

“How would someone want to remember this moment?”, asks photographer and DashBurst user James Meyer when he aims his camera. He approaches his shots and subject matter with a capture-the-moment attitude that the reflects incredible beauty and wonder in his images.

Meyer accidentally discovered his photography skills when he posted pictures he’d shot with his cell phone on Facebook. After friends and family piled onto the “like” button, he talked to an old friend and veteran professional photographer who encouraged him to pursue the art. Meyer went on to study general photography and the rules of composition, while honing his natural talents.
James Meyer - Coal Dock Park
Meyer lives in a place that offers countless opportunities to capture spectacular photographs. Port Washington, Wisconsin, is a little seaside town on Lake Michigan, 30 miles north of Milwaukee. In an email to DashBurst, Meyer explains:

I feature Port Washington in my photographs quite simply because it’s a beautiful place…The water, fishing, kids sports, the historical downtown, the churches, these are all prominent elements to a way of life here… In my opinion Port Washington is one of the most scenic places to live or visit and it’s residents are the most down-to-earth and nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Meyer has also traveled all over the US and to Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. Although Meyer is not a full-time photographer, he hopes to someday focus all his time and energy on his craft.

James Meyer - Dandelion
He has self-published several photography books and calendars featuring his images. His photography is available in two art galleries and numerous retail stores, and has been used for websites, book covers, puzzles, shirts, coffee mugs and more.

James Meyer - Sunrise
From the sunrises to the sunsets, from life in the town to life on the farm, and from the fields to the lake shores, Meyer’s photography is breathtaking.

I think we all spend our lives searching for meaning, searching for what’s important. Sometimes we already possess exactly what is important but fail to realize it. To me, photography is not freezing a scene in a specific moment. That is picture taking. Yes, picture taking has a place and purpose: to record an event, to show news. In my opinion, photography should be different. Photography should be more. Whatever that is, is to be decided by the photographer. It may be more romantic, it may be more drama, it may be more excitement. It’s art, not picture taking.

James Meyer - Fountain of Youth

People only have so many moments. A baby at Christmas is only a baby for a few Christmas’s. A baseball championship in Little League may only happen once in a lifetime. Sitting with a loved one seaside may only happen that once. Some may interpret this as being fatalistic… I prefer to think of it as getting a little deeper meaning out of those moments and adding artistic elements to make an even deeper connection to the time, place or event.


James Meyer - The Return

James Meyer - Light Show

James Meyer - Venus and Jupiter 2

James Meyer - Coming Home

James Meyer - Sunshine Bee

James Meyer - Downtown Street Party

James Meyer - Port Washington Marina

James Meyer - Wisconsin Farmhouse 2

James Meyer - Venus and Jupiter 1

James Meyer - Boat Launch

James Meyer - The Smithereens

James Meyer - Blue Bridge

James Meyer - Boston Tea Party Museum

James Meyer - Backyard Buds

James Meyer - Fire Sky

James Meyer - Marina Steeples

James Meyer - Cattails

James Meyer - Pre-Season

James Meyer - Rivoli Theater, Cedarburg Wisconsin

James Meyer - Sailing in Boston Harbor

James Meyer - Whale Watching Boat, Kennebunk Maine

James Meyer - Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field

James Meyer - Wells Beach Maine

James Meyer - Clouds

James Meyer - Good Morning

James Meyer - Evening

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