Apple’s Favorite Shots Captured with an iPhone 6 [PHOTOS]

Featured image: Chuck A., Kauai, HI, courtesy of Apple
If you have an iPhone 6, you know how great the camera is. And if you don’t have an iPhone 6, you’ve probably heard about how great the camera is. Apple recently released a promotional campaign featuring photographs and videos taken using the latest iPhone by amateur and professional photographers alike. The online gallery showcases 57 photographs so incredible you won’t believe they were captured with a phone!

Apple writes:

People take incredible photos and videos on iPhone 6 every day. And here are some of our favorites. Explore the gallery, learn a few tips, and see what’s possible with the world’s most popular camera.

And here are 20 of our favorites!

Cole R., Star Valley Ranch, WY
Cole R., Star Valley Ranch, WY, courtesy of Apple
Steven I., Toronto, Canada
Steven I., Toronto, Canada, courtesy of Apple
John L., British Columbia, Canada
John L., British Columbia, Canada, courtesy of Apple
Gayle T., Takachiho Gorge, Japan
Gayle T., Takachiho Gorge, Japan, courtesy of Apple
Flavio S., New Zealand
Flavio S., New Zealand, courtesy of Apple
Alastair B., The Cairngorms, Scotland
Alastair B., The Cairngorms, Scotland, courtesy of Apple
Jen B., Skeleton Coast, Namibia
Jen B., Skeleton Coast, Namibia, courtesy of Apple
Renee M., Union City, CA
Renee M., Union City, CA, courtesy of Apple
Andrew P., Phoenix, AZ
Andrew P., Phoenix, AZ, courtesy of Apple
Satoshi H., Tokyo, Japan
Satoshi H., Tokyo, Japan, courtesy of Apple
Sarah P., White Sands, NM
Sarah P., White Sands, NM, courtesy of Apple
Cielo D., Alameda, CA
Cielo D., Alameda, CA, courtesy of Apple
Cole R., Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Cole R., Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, courtesy of Apple
Paul O., Chicago, IL
Paul O., Chicago, IL, courtesy of Apple
Dan C., British Columbia, Canada
Dan C., British Columbia, Canada, courtesy of Apple
Shan L., San Francisco, CA
Shan L., San Francisco, CA, courtesy of Apple
Siyuan G., Sanxia, China
Siyuan G., Sanxia, China, courtesy of Apple
Chris C., Santa Monica, CA
Chris C., Santa Monica, CA, courtesy of Apple
David K., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
David K., Dubai, United Arab Emirates, courtesy of Apple
Taketo Y., Yamanashi, Japan
Taketo Y., Yamanashi, Japan, courtesy of Apple

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