Hand-Made GIFs Created with Physical Drawings and Paper Cutouts

Creating animated GIFs takes digital design and coding skills. In short, it’s a complex process. Yet, amazingly, this artist and designer takes an old-school approach, creating her GIFs almost entirely by hand.

First, Nancy Liang uses pencil drawings and paper cutouts to makes her designs. Next she scans them and animates them in Photoshop. Liang has a Tumblr called “Over the Moon” where she uploads her GIF creations.

In her website bio, Nancy writes:

I am a Sydney-based illustrator and artist who explores whimsy and magic… I focus on suburbia, cities and landscapes, and attempt to bring out social, cultural and even personal narratives through these subjects. Using my interest in dioramas, my illustrations take shape through the collage of graphite, papers and other miscellaneous materials.

Check out a few of her hand-made animations below and see more on her website or Tumblr page!






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