‘If They Find It, They’ll Play With It:’ Clever Ad Campaigns Use Tampons and Condoms to Advocate Gun Safety

Gun safety in the U.S. splits the population into those for and against restrictions on the right to bear arms. Evolve, one organization that advocates for strict gun safety, released an extraordinarily clever ad campaign that uses humor and a strong message to try to persuade those on the fence.

The advertisements, created by the McCANN NY creative agency, use adult products in lieu of guns to show that children play with whatever they find. The ads are humorous – and somewhat embarrassing – as the kids play with condoms, tampons and other “unmentionables.” But it wouldn’t be so humorous if it were a gun, would it?

The campaign is not only humorous, but also clear in its message: if gun owners don’t properly lock up their guns, they are not safe from children.

What’s your opinion about the ads?



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