Sheep and Goats: A Majestic Side? [PHOTOS]

Who knew Old McDonald’s farm could actually be full of some beauties. I certainly didn’t, at least not until I came across the portraits in hotographer Kevin Horan’s recent series “Chattel.”

The series began in 2007, when Horan moved from Chicago to Whidbey Island, Washington, and asked to photograph a neighbor’s sheep. Since then, his photographs have revealed an unexpectedly regal side to goats and sheep.

These barnyard animals don’t totally escape from appearing goofy, but overall they do seem dignified. Horan is smart to use black-and-white photography, as it enhances this surprising notion that goats and sheep can, in fact, be majestic.


Mr. Beasley #1, 2014

Ben #1, 2014


Honey #1, 2014


Jake #1, 2012


Carl #1

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