Massive Freezing Waves of Slush and Ice Slowly Roll to Shore in Nantucket, Massachusetts

The temperatures this winter have dropped so low that entire waves are starting to freeze. Last week, photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, who lives on Nantucket, photographed the waves as they crashed on the island that sits 30 miles off the Massachusetts coast.

The waves, however, were partially frozen, made of thick ice and odd slush that slowly rolled to shore. Nimerfroh calls his series “Slurpee Waves” since the waves shared the consistency of the slushy drink. The sight is rather incredible and the photos, which make the giant waves look solid, are no less incredible.

Have you ever seen an ocean’s wave look something other than liquid?

Here is a video of the partially frozen Nantucket ocean?

And a video of partially frozen waves at Cape Cod:

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