But First, Let Me Take an ‘Elphie’: Elephant Grabs Man’s GoPro and Captures Selfie of a Lifetime

Lots of people have taken selfies with wild animals in zoos or even in the wild. But how many people can say an animal took a selfie with them?

Twenty-two-year-old Canadian world traveler Christian LeBlanc is one person who can say an elephant took a selfie – or “elphie” – with him. It happened earlier this year, while LeBlanc and his girlfriend were exploring the Thai island Koh Phangan.

LeBlanc and his girlfriend bought a 50¢ basket of bananas to feed elephants, but one elephant wanted more. LeBlanc tells CNN:

A few minutes in, I realized that despite its power, the elephant was relatively gentle. I got comfortable enough that I let my guard down and…next thing I knew, it grabbed my GoPro by the mount and I got the selfie of a lifetime, which I can’t take full credit for.

LeBlanc’s GoPro is a mountable sports camera that was set to shoot continuously, so it was able to capture images from the elephant’s trunk. Although this photo is an uncommon one, it’s not the first elephant selfie ever.

LeBlanc says:

Elephants are incredibly intelligent, and it definitely makes you wonder if it was a conscious action… I know nothing about the actual elephant other than its love for selfies.


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