Frozen in Time: High-Speed Cameras Capture the Most Amazing Moments of a Dance Routine

When you watch dancers perform, sometimes you wish you could capture their most amazing moves on camera at just the right moment. Belgian photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte, in collaboration with creative agency Norvell Jefferson, created a photo series and video that do just that.

Using high-speed cameras to capture slow-motion footage and photos, Vanhoutte is able to freeze the dancer in time as she elegantly spins and leaps. As you can see, the dancer uses powder as a prop, and Vanhoutte captures the moments when the puffs of powder appear like angel’s wings, a dance partner, and other spectral shapes.

Commissioned by Dutch company Campina Friesland Kievit to advertise a new powder coffee creamer, the project does have a commercial angle, though it doesn’t feel at all like business as usual. The photos and video have no trouble rising to the level of art.





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