Would You Believe These Intergalactic Scenes Are Actually Crystalized Scotch? [PHOTOS]

If you want to travel to space, all you really need is a glass of Scotch. You won’t need to drink the Scotch (although you might as well) to get the results that photographer Ernie Button observed. Button photographs residue left from a glass of Scotch, whose crystallized remnants look like beautifully colorful scenes from our galaxy.

The series, entitled “Vanishing Spirits,” came into existence after Button discovered the intriguing textures in the residue in an empty Scotch glass. He began photographing and comparing different types of Scotch and the various patterns and layers each one left behind.

The artistic designs actually form as the alcohol dries. As the liquid evaporates at the edges, the remaining liquid pools closer and closer to the center. It seems to exert a pull, thus drying in concentric rings. Interestingly, this natural process creates images that looks like celestial scenes, planetary landscapes and other intergalactic sights.
Button1-The Macallan 150

Button2-Dalwhinnie 125

Button3-Bunnahabhain 140

Button4-Bruichladdich 109

Button5-Aberlour Abunadh 122

Button6-Ardbeg 124

Button7-Laphroaig 122

Button8-Glenlivet 177

Button9-Lagavulin 170

Button10-Glengoyne 116

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