Adorable Baby Chameleon Hatches but Thinks It’s Still Inside Its Egg [PHOTOS]

Who said reptiles aren’t cute? When this newborn Nosy Be panther chameleon needed a little help hatching, its human caretaker, Nick Henn of Canvas Chameleons, came to the rescue. Most of the time, baby chameleons don’t need help hatching, as long as the first crack, or “pip,” in the shell occurs where their head is positioned.

Unfortunately, this poor chameleon pipped on the side of the egg, making it extremely difficult to push out of the shell. Henn was able to help the chameleon out of its egg, and now the little one is thriving with his brothers and sisters.

Henn tells Canvas Chameleons:

When his siblings were running around the container and he was still hanging out in the egg, I knew it was time to help. This isn’t to say that he wouldn’t have found a way out, but based off my past experiences with situations just like this, I felt it was necessary to play Mother Nature and give him a helping hand.

Check out these photos from Canvas Chameleon’s Facebook page of the baby chameleon all curled up.




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