Cuteness You Can’t Camouflage: 20 Adorable Baby Chameleons Hatched in Sydney Zoo [PHOTOS]

Who knew a reptile could be so adorable! The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, announced the hatching of more than 20 baby chameleons, each of which is small enough to sit comfortably on your fingertip.

The hatchlings are Veiled Chameleons and measure approximately five-centimeters long. Even more incredible is that these babies are the first born at the zoo in more than five years.

This particular species of reptile is native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. In a special temperature-controlled area in the Taronga’s Reptile World where they are housed, the little reptiles feed on crickets and display their bright green colors. The chameleons will be able to display more and more colors as they mature, showing off their full color palette within the year.

McFadden discusses their color changes:

You’ll see shades of green, yellow, aqua and even very dark brown or black depending on their temperature, mood and reproductive behaviour. However, they don’t change colour to match a particular background like you see in cartoons.

Veiled Chameleons are also well-equipped for living in the trees. They have zygodactyl feet for gripping branches, which makes it easier to climb trees. Their eyes can rotate independently and their tongues can project 1.5 times the length of their bodies to catch prey.

In announcing the hatchlings, Taronga Zoo quotes its reptile supervisor, Michael McFadden:

Veiled Chameleons are a visually amazing species that we’re fortunate to have at Taronga. While they’re not endangered, they do play an important educational role in helping us to get people excited about reptiles and reptile conservation.

We’ve picked our favorites, which you can check out below. See more photos of these camouflaging cuties on the Taronga Zoo Facebook and Instagram pages!
These tiny creatures sure are making a big impression!





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