Beautifully Vibrant Watercolors of Wild Animals

If you are an artist and you find something that captivates you, it might become a lifelong inspiration for your art. For Philipp Grein, this inspiration comes from wild animals.

Grein combines his love of animals with his artistic skill to create these marvelous watercolor paintings. He brings to life owls, giraffes, pandas and other animals using vibrant and loud colors.

Grein paints not only for artistic reasons, but also to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. He tells Bored Panda:

My love for animals, my fascination with their behavior and their incredible beauty keep me painting watercolor illustrations of them. My art is my way of expressing how I see these amazing creatures. Sometimes with a slight sense of humor, I’m trying to show how worthy of protection they are and how important it is to respect them.

Grein’s wild animal watercolor paintings are available for purchase on Etsy.






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