How to Outsmart the Paparazzi: Special ‘Anti-Paparazzi’ Clothes that Reflect Light to Ruin Photos

The paparazzi stalk celebrities and other VIPs, and their photos are grist for the gossip milk. How does one dodge it all?

I can think of three solutions: hideaway forever, safe in the comfort of your own home; get rid of them, however you see fit (probably not the best idea); or, finally, try your best to ignore the persistent photographers.

But now DJ Chris Holmes, designer of an “anti-paparazzi clothing” line called Flashback, has provided a fourth solution.

Flashback apparel may appear normal to the onlooker, but it hides a secret weapon. Once a camera flashes, the clothing’s fabric is so reflective, it ruins the picture. The normally gray fabric contains millions of glass nanospheres that are energized by camera flashes to rebound light. This causes the paparazzi’s photo to look underexposed, with the clothing illuminated and everything else, including your face, blacked out.

Holmes came up with the idea while on tour with Paul McCartney, whose concert photos were ruined by reflective surfaces. Although frustrating for McCartney, it inspired a brilliant line of fashion!

Because of the hype around his design, Holmes launched a crowdfunding campaign on BetaBrand, an online clothing company that, with funding, will also produce the Flashback wear. Holmes designs include the Photobomber Hoodie, Silver-Screen Scarf, Illuminati Suit Jacket, Illuminati Suit Pants, and Halo Hat.







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